Aptos® invasive face and body rejuvenation methods.

Aptos® methods are minimally invasive face and body rejuvenation methods, allowing to get momentary results: to improve soft tissue contours, to slow down aging processes, to preserve beauty without surgical intervention, i.e. without scars or hems.

From 1996 the Aptos Company has produced unique materials for plastic and aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. The products and the methods have gained world recognition and are successfully applied by specialists in 48 countries of the world. The authors of the products and methods have been awarded many prestigious international awards and patents of invention.

Aptos threads are made of polypropylene. It is a synthetic non-absorbable material, used in surgery for over 50 years. Polypropylene is safe, does not cause allergy and is not rejected by the organism. The implanted threads make a strong supporting skeleton and give excellent aesthetic results. The first improvements are seen right after the procedure and the final results show in 2-3 weeks. The results maintain up to 4-5 years on the average*.

Aptos methods

Innovative elaboration of the authors of Aptos method is Light Lift Thread, which differs from Aptos in production material.

Light Lift Threads are made of caprolac, a material which completely eliminates from the organism in 360 days. L- lactid acid (a compound of the thread) provides additional rejuvenating effect, activating natural revitalizing processes and slowing down aging processes. Visible results can be reached on many parts of face and body. The results maintain up to 2 years on the average*.

The threads are inserted with the help of a guiding Needle through dot punctures or tiny skin cuts (up to 0.5 cm). The procedure is carried out in ambulatory under local infiltrative anesthesia. Whole face lifting lasts about 30 minutes, the lifting of separate areas lasts about 15 minutes.
Aptos and Light Lift Lifting methods are suitable for both men and women of different age and with different indications for correction.


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Years of clinical studies as well as analysis of the results, including the negative ones stay behind every Aptos method. Techniques and schemes of the threads placement have clear scientific rational: the company constantly carries out research, the results of which form the basis for all of its products. Our threads and their placement methods have been designed with regard to soft tissue layers anatomy, locations of blood vessels, nerves, salivary glands, facial muscles.

In addition, extensive research has become the basis for the trainings, conducted to teach physicians new Aptos threads placement methods. Intensive courses on the placement methods are conducted by certified experts with vast experience in scientific and practical fields. After a single training course you gain access to retraining courses, and opportunity to seek assistance from any of Aptos coaches in 48 countries.

Since its founding, Aptos has paid special attention to research activities. Combining the results of our research and achievements of scientists from different countries, we were able to create unique products and methods.

To further develop our scientific potential, to promote and maintain high prestige of Aptos methods among scientists, our company has formed a new unit – the research department.

Recommended methods depending on the age:

- before40 Years
It is recommended to use both absorbable and non-absorbable threads

- from 40 to 50 Years
Technologies with the use ofnon-absorbable threads are optimal in this case

- over 50 Years
Most effective methods are those that demand small incisions, up to 0,5 cm

Aptos methods allow to receive excellent aesthetic results without serious surgical intervention. The first improvements are seen right after the procedure and the final results show in 2-3 weeks and maintain for a certain period of time depending on the material and the type of the thread.

The methods give the best results when applied with classical aesthetic operations and almost all cosmetology and therapeutical procedures (pilings, fillers, Botox injections).